Shopping for the best car insurance rate can be difficult when you don’t know the average costs of car insurance.

Companies provide rates that vary based on various factors, including the state you live in. You could have lived somewhere else before Arizona and had significantly lower rates than you do now.

We want you to find the best car insurance rates on the market regardless of any baggage that other companies would dismiss you for. It is possible to secure fair and reasonable car insurance rates for bad credit, young drivers, and accident history.

However, you should learn more about the average car insurance costs and what goes into auto insurance rates. The insurance services you use should help you obtain the cheapest rate, not settle for one you can’t afford.

Minimum vs. Full Coverage

An agent has probably told you already that Arizona requires minimum coverage with any car policy. This is the amount of coverage the law says you must purchase in case of an accident.

The state asks for you to have at least $25,000 bodily injury liability for one person and $50,000 for two or more persons. Also, you need to obtain $15,000 in property damage liability covreage. You will have the funds to pay someone else if you crash into them or their property.

However, the minimum car insurance coverage will not protect yourself or your vehicle, even if you have a clean driving record. The coverage limits for the state’s required car insurance are not enough. Suffering tens of thousands of dollars for an accident will take a hit to your finances.

We recommend purchasing full coverage car insurance, which provides additional liability that minimum does not. It’s likely you already carry additional liability coverage if you finance or lease your vehicle.

Different companies offer certain liabilities, and you may not find the right protections in a policy you pull up from Google. It’s best to check with an Arizona broker or agent to compare quotes for the cheapest car insurance with liability options.

Car Rates According to Data

NerdWallet did a 2021 analysis of the national averages for car insurance rates, covering various factors, such as your credit and accidents. You can get an idea of your car insurance premiums for 2022 by reviewing the most recent car rate data.

Drivers with a worse financial record or driving history will pay higher rates since car insurance companies need to protect their assets. However, you’ll be surprised at the discounts that are still available and how you can minimize your payments to a more affordable rate.

Cost by State

Different states charge more or less for car insurance depending on which one you live in. And the breakdown goes further since your ZIP Code affects how much you’re paying each month too.

It’s a good assumption that the higher a state’s minimum coverage requirements are, the more expensive your premiums will be. You’re starting off with a higher rate if you’re paying for additional liability, injury, and property damage coverage.

You might be moving to Arizona from another state like Wyoming and find your rate increase. The flip side is that your car insurance goes down after you’ve planted your roots in Gilbert or Phoenix after living in California.

A broker can help you compare quotes for the cheapest policy, regardless of whether you’ve just moved to Arizona or you’ve been here your entire life.

State of ResidenceComprehensive CoverageMinimum CoverageYearly Difference
New Hampshire$1,169$429$740
New Jersey$1,860$851$1,009
New Mexico$1,418$390$1,028
New York$2,131$1,070$1,061
North Carolina$1,212$410$801
North Dakota$1,195$352$843
Rhode Island$2,043$842$1,201
South Carolina$1,652$606$1,046
South Dakota$1,455$301$1,154
Washington, D.C.$1,880$736$1,144
West Virginia$1,605$517$1,088

Cost by Credit Score

It’s easy for your poor financial history to discourage you from ever getting a cheap car insurance rate. And it doesn’t help that drivers with bad credit scores pay 75% higher monthly payments than drivers with good credit.

Car insurance agents look at your official credit report to determine how trustworthy you are as a driver. They will create a credit-based insurance score, which is similar to a credit score, although they calculate your rating differently. It’s a measure of how much your car insurance will cost per month.

Your credit score can go down over time if you put in the hard work, so your car insurance quote is not stuck at a high number forever. However, you may have to put up with policies charging more than your used to for a few years.

Switching car insurance when your credit goes down is ideal so you don’t stick with the same high rates.

Policy TypeGreat CreditBad Credit
Comprehensive Coverage$1,592$2,812
Minimum Coverage$565$984

Cost by DUI

Police offenses for Driving Under the Influence (DUI’s) can also deter you from receiving a normal rate ever again. It’s an embarrassing experience after a holiday or a series of decisions you wish you could take back.

The great news is that DUI expungement is possible in Arizona and your car insurance company will not see your DUI after you meet certain requirements. Similar to your credit score, you must wait before your policy updates.

You could switch to minimum coverage protection if the DUI increase on your rate is too much to handle. However, you would sacrifice liabilities for yourself and the vehicle that you might need in case of an accident.

One insurance path you could pursue is changing to a company that takes more kindly to your DUI. An agent or broker could walk through different company policies and see who can help you.

Policy TypeClean RecordSingle At-Fault Accident
Comprehensive Coverage$1,592$2,439
Minimum Coverage$565$884

Cost by At-Fault Accident

Car companies understand when someone else crashes into you, but it’s a different story when you cause the accident. You pay the price for an auto crash, whether you’re texting and driving or disciplining your child.

It’s unfortunate that most drivers will pay 50% more on their monthly rate if they cause a single crash. And this percentage is based on $10,000 in property damages and no injuries. You will pay thousands more if you injure the other person or multiple people in the opposing vehicle.

The right company will show grace and give you the chance to get back on your feet, decreasing your rate. Your at-fault accident will disappear off your record in 3-5 years, but you can compare car insurance rates in the meantime. This option is viable if you need an immediate premium decrease.

Policy TypeClean RecordSingle At-Fault Accident
Comprehensive Coverage$1,592$2,439
Minimum Coverage$565$884

Other Factors Affecting Car Rates

While your state, DUI’s, accidents, and credit scores all can impact your car rate, other factors control it too. Some of these you can control, while others are based on your stage of life and car usage. We recommend making the most out of wherever you fall in these categories and find an adaptable policy.


You may know your teenage driver better than anyone else, but insurance companies will still charge them higher rates based on their age. Policies prepare for potential accidents with recklessness and learning to drive.


Some careers require more driving than others, such as an Uber driver vs. a remote software developer. You must pay for additional coverage if they anticipate more opportunities to wind up in a car crash.

Annual Mileage

Similarly, your annual mileage determines the monthly premium. Road trips, family holidays, and business trips increase time in the car that insurance companies cannot always predict. They believe you are more prone to be in an accident the longer you’re on the road, even if the situation isn’t your fault.

Continuous Coverage

The last primary factor affecting your car rate is continuous coverage without breaks or pauses. It does not look good on your insurance resume if agents see gaps in time where you did not have car insurance.

Namely, because it is illegal to drive without at least minimum coverage. They won’t consider legitimate reasons for going without car insurance to protect their financial assets.

Ways to Save on Car Insurance Costs

The great news is that you can take advantage of these and other car insurance discounts. Your 50% rate increase for incurring one DUI can be devastating to your income, but your broker or agent can help you find ways to mitigate it.

  • Good student discount
  • GPS driving tracking (telematics)
  • Driving courses
  • Being claims-free
  • Paying your policy in full

We Calculate Your Best Car Rate Options

It’s discouraging when you talk with an agent and hear your rate is worse than you thought. The mistakes you’ve made or stages of life you can’t control can take a hit on your current car rate. And you won’t have options if you give up with the first company and accept their unfair offer.

Our local brokers will compare quotes with up to 40+ companies, checking Arizona and corporate giants to get you the best rate. We help you get the right insurance from the right people who want to help protect your loved ones and your vehicle.

You can speak with our expert team by calling (480).660.3950. We would be happy to answer any questions you have on car insurance costs and how your rate would be affected.