Your child takes the next milestone of becoming a responsible adult when they get behind the wheel. It can feel like yesterday you took them to loop parking lot circles if they’re in college.

The only problem is how adding them to your policy spikes the premium. Insurance companies see young adults as liabilities and charge you more for them to get more experience under their belt.

Our team will tell you more about ways to get cheaper car insurance for teens, new drivers, and young adult drivers. The policy can include minimum coverage or add more protection with other types of insurance coverage.

We’ll also share several discounts you can add to save money on younger drivers’ car insurance rates. These programs train your child to operate motor vehicles properly, giving you peace of mind.

Why do teens and new drivers need car insurance?

In case of a car crash, young adults need insurance protection from expensive vehicle fixes. One wrong turn and they can rob their entire savings from a high school or college job.

With cheap car insurance, including comprehensive and collision coverages, they’ll have exactly what they’ll need in emergency auto situations.

Teenagers and young adults won’t always have your support if they’re stranded on the interstate with a flat tire or if an 18-wheeler sideswiped them on the way to their dorm.

You can guarantee them financial peace of mind no matter what happens in their car during the busiest seasons of their lives.

Why is young adult car insurance so expensive?

It’s disappointing that insurance companies wouldn’t be as considerate of your child learning to drive as you are. Sadly, they expect you to pay the price with higher monthly payments.

By keeping these variables in the back of your head, you predict high insurance costs ahead of time. Then, you can prepare before insuring your child and their vehicle for the lowest rate possible.

More Accident-Prone

Statistics show that young adult drivers are more likely to get into accidents than seasoned owners. While your child may be a level-headed exception, the carrier won’t consider personal vendettas when quoting you a rate.

Less Driving Experience

Similarly, teen drivers and drivers under 25 have spent less time in the driver’s seat and have a higher chance of making a wrong move. You may complain daily of full-grown adults that are worse drivers than your teenager.
But an agent is still bound by carrier rules to charge more car insurance for young drivers.


The CDC spoke in 2019 that teenage boys ages 16-19 had a car crash death rate that was 2x higher than girls in the same age range. That means your son will get knocked on the car insurance policy, even if it’s a hermit and a gamer.

Driving History

Has your kid ever gotten into an accident or moving violation? Like any other adult, it is difficult to obtain cheap car insurance if you have a bad record. With a teenager, however, the rate becomes astronomical.

The Teen’s Vehicle

Many new vehicles come standard with anti-theft devices, backup cameras, and other safety tools. Insurance companies ask you to pay more if the vehicle is older or doesn’t include these features, saying at-fault accidents occur more frequently.

How to lower your child’s auto insurance premium?

With so much working against your child, it can feel impossible to get a cheap rate. They’re stuck in a system where companies automatically profile them and make them pay as a result.

Thankfully, we’ve worked with over 40 carriers and seen various ways you can lower the premium. These vary depending on the company and policy, so you should check with an agent or broker to see if these apply.

Good Student Discount

Good grades pay off for your teen or young adult driver. Most carriers ask for above a 3.0 GPA to receive a helpful discount on their insurance coverage.

Defensive Driving Course

You can have your child learn safe driving measures and save on the policy at the same time. Seek out a certified driving instructor who can teach your child proven techniques for responding to difficult roadway citations and maneuvers.

Practice Safe Driving

Insurance companies track the teen’s driving with a device your receive in the mail. Monitoring acceleration, starts, stops, and more, they’ll take money off the bill if the child proves to be a safe driver.

Student Away at School Discount

If you’ve sent kiddos off to college, you know they probably won’t use their car much. Instead of creating a gap in coverage, companies provide a discount for schools over 100 miles away.

Purchase a Safe Car

Newer vehicles contain automatically installed safety features, such as forward-collision warnings, blind-spot detection, and backup cameras.

Carriers trust your newer driver has a lower chance of totaling the car with these gadgets in hand.

Bundle Your Policies

Do you have homeowner’s insurance, commercial insurance, and other policies? Why not bundle them all together under a single carrier?

This pays off, especially when adding a young adult car insurance policy to your account.

Best Car Insurance Carriers for Young Adults

Some websites tell you which carrier is the cheapest for your son or daughter. However, they don’t know your child like you do, and rates fluctuate depending on their unique situation.

We recommend speaking with an experienced broker who can compare 40+ carriers at once. You’ll receive the fastest way to look at the most quotes for the best deal on car insurance for new drivers under 21 and young adults.

Protecting Your Child and Teaching Them How to Drive

By taking advantage of defensive driving courses and company driving tracking, you can save thousands each year on car insurance. The best part is young adults can safely learn how to improve their vehicle skills at the same time.

Sitting shotgun with them and giving driving instructions as they shake their hands on the wheel is the only way to learn. But you can get additional support from the insurance company or a certified driving instructor.

They can teach your son or daughter how to practice safe driving, such as going the speed limit and stopping and starting at appropriate intervals.

With these discounts under their belt, teenagers and new drivers are better prepared to avoid accidents. Car insurance for new drivers under 18 and college students under 25 can have more benefits than you expected.

Teen, New Driver, and Young Adult Driver FAQ

What if my kid gets in an accident? Can I still get cheap car insurance for them?

Accidents no doubt raise your child’s monthly premium. However, you may be able to get a cheaper rate by switching to a different carrier after the crash.

They may be understanding of the circumstances and not penalize your kid as badly.

What kind of car coverage does my young adult need in Arizona?

Like adult drivers, your teen or new driver needs at least the minimum car coverage for Arizona (varies by state).

This includes bodily injury liability coverage, property damage liability coverage, and more.

  • Bodily injury liability coverage: Minimum $25,000 per person / $50,000 per accident
  • Property damage liability coverage: Minimum $15,000
  • Uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage: Minimum $25,000 per person / $50,000 per accident
  • Underinsured motorist bodily injury coverage: Minimum $25,000 per person / $50,000 per accident

We recommend purchasing comprehensive and full coverage, so your child has extra protection in case of a crash.

How old does my young adult need to be before they receive normal insurance rates?

Most insurance companies wait until your child turns 25 before they get cheaper car insurance premiums.

We recommend adding the teenager to your policy rather than starting their own for the lowest rate possible. Although companies still treat young adults as liabilities, carriers are willing to offer a reduced monthly payment based on your safe driving.

How do I add my new driver to an auto insurance policy?

Bringing your child onto a current plan or creating a new car insurance policy is simple. Our brokerage makes it easy by walking you through the process online or in our office.

You’ll need to gather the following information and keep it handy for when you meet with an agent:

  • Legal name
  • Date of birt
  • Gender
  • Occupation
  • Social Security Number
  • Years of driving experience
  • Driving history
  • Vehicle make, model, and year

Does my teenager need car insurance if they have a driving permit?

Even with minimal driving privileges, they are just as prone to crashing into another car or defending themself against an abusive driver.

You’ll need to list them on your car insurance policy so carriers can factor them into potential future accidents. Thankfully, the monthly payment won’t increase until they obtain a full license.

Every car insurance company is different in terms and conditions with permit drivers. Therefore, we recommend talking to an experienced broker who can help you navigate them.

Get a Cheap Teen Car Rate Right Next Door

If you are looking for the cheapest car insurance for teens, you may be eligible for Arizona carriers with lower premiums than larger carriers.

Our local brokers are here to help your child get started with a discounted insurance policy. They can drive safely, and you can rest well knowing they’ll have the coverage they need in case of a crash.

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